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    Financial institutions use Connectik to grow their customer base in new regions while reducing operational costs.

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    Consulting companies use Connectik to enable project teams to increase engagement and find new business opportunities.

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    Telecom providers use Connectik to tap into new markets and find growth opportunities.

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    Hotel chains use Connectik to engage customers and create new revenue streams while monetizing services.

Our solution for enterprises

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Big teams are at their best when not wasting time on processing an enormous amount of information — emails, messaging apps, networks, documentation, conference calls, personal meetings, etc. To help social enterprises combat information overload, Connectik built a comprehensive platform that spares your employees’ efforts and boosts productivity. With our collaboration & task management solution, you can rest assured that work processes flow while the team is ready to deliver the best results.

Communicate with Your Coworkers

To save time and get rid of hundreds of emails sent back and forth daily, take advantage of Connectik’s chat feature for secure live communication with your team. Allow your employees to discuss work matters faster and more efficiently, 1-on-1 or in groups. Create channels for different departments or work projects and join the conversation from any device. We do our best to protect your corporate communication with the most advanced encryption technology.

Manage Ad Hoc Processes and Projects

Managing all tiers of your enterprise from a single platform is easy and makes all operational processes more effective. With Connectik, you can set up groups for the particular projects and keep only relevant people in the loop — to establish clear ownership and enhance team collaboration. Store all your documentation and data in a safe, confidential environment and make sure your employees receive notifications on any updates.

Increase Productivity And Get Better Results

Connectik offers an easy and transparent solution to define workflows and split responsibilities inside your team. We made it easy to track work progress or follow a project cycle, distribute tasks across your team and prioritize work with complete visibility for everyone to stay on the same page. On Connectik’s platform, you can access the most up-to-date versions of your documents and give feedback to your team, in real time.

Work on the Go

To be a part of a social enterprise means to be able to work and interact with your team no matter where you are. Use our powerful platform on any device, even when you are on the go — with auto-sync, you can pick up where you left off. We offer full mobile support with a seamless user experience for the whole Connectik’s solution including the admin dashboards and advanced analytics tools. Even for vulnerable mobile devices, we provide the highest levels of security with end-to-end encryption.

Let the Data Power Your Performance

Connectik gives you access to data-driven operational insights that help set and properly adjust strategic goals, improve profits and resource allocation. Across different industries, Big Data empowers companies to become smarter, raise productivity, and improve their decision making. Advanced, up-to-date analytics allow your team to constantly progress and be more effective.

Financial Institutions

Banks, private equity funds, and other financial institutions, that provide services both to individuals and businesses, benefit from our highly secure platform through which they can communicate and collaborate within the enterprise. Connectik enables financial institutions to keep their employees aware of fast changing market news and enhances communication with international clients and foreign branches.

  • Streamline financial services
  • Generate new revenue
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Communicate in a secure environment

Consulting Companies

Consulting companies manage day-to-day external communication with a vast network of clients and partners all over the world, which often requires a highly secure environment. Connectik empowers big and small firms to modernize traditional business models with our cutting-edge technology. We provide them with an effective communication platform through which they can build solid partnerships and safely collaborate with anyone, at any time.

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Securely communicate with your partners
  • Find experts and new clients

Telecom Providers

We teamed up with one of the largest mobile networks in Africa to develop a tailor-made platform for the industry-specific needs. Our solution is applicable and successfully in use, it provides a smart set of tools for engaging with a local business community and customers as well as generating new income opportunities.

  • Create and execute promotional campaigns
  • Streamline telecom services
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Securely communicate and collaborate

Hotel Chains

Connectik provides the hotel & travel industry with a cutting-edge collaboration solution through which companies can engage with regional branches and communicate news and updates from management to staff. Our platform enables more intelligent distribution of services and effective communication with guests. Connectik offers an end-to-end infrastructure for your every communication need with a wide array of collaboration tools for your employees and partners.

  • Interact with a customer base and notify guests
  • Create and execute promotional campaigns
  • Allow your team to communicate across the world
  • Create new revenue streams

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