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    Humanitarian organizations use Connectik to mobilize volunteers, increase donations and provide better aid for causes.

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    Scientific institutions use Connectik to support large-scale research projects and acquire funding.

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    Chambers of commerce use Connectik to create a functional business network for their members and help them establish meaningful partnerships.

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    Religious organizations use Connectik to streamline membership dues payment processes and enhance communication with congregants.

Our solution for member organizations

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Every day large-scale organizations manage complex collaboration processes and interact with a vast network of staff, members, partners, and volunteers. To take the pain out of it, Connectik built a robust platform with an array of essential features that are tailor-made for communication and engagement between different layers inside and outside of a member organization.

Enable Many-to-Many Communication

Connectik provides a 24/7 communication pathway for your member base, no matter the size. With Connectik, you can set up and manage secure live chat and chat groups with an unlimited amount of participants. Our customizable solution helps some of the leading humanitarian organizations coordinate volunteers across the globe, answer members’ questions in real time and offer assistance to those who wish to become a part of their movement.

Share Interest-Focused News

Utilize our advanced platform to distribute the latest organizational news right to your member’s mobile devices via push notifications — and encourage them to comment, share, and spread the word. Create and manage groups for internal or external use to connect staff and users according to their interests, area of expertise, or location. Group members receive news and events recommended for them, post in group feeds, and communicate with each other.

Increase Participation

Mobilize your resources with an easy-to-use and secure tool for members to donate money and support important causes, from anywhere in the world, as well as pay membership enrollment fees, choosing from multiple options — mobile payments, local payment processors, credit cards and more.

Engage More People in Your Initiatives

Connectik empowers you to showcase ongoing projects for members to take part in. You can present every initiative with a detailed description, map, image gallery, video, and call-to-action elements. From your own social platform, alert and involve users in your latest projects to raise funds, find volunteers, or spread the word among those who care.

Humanitarian Organizations

Connectik helps nonprofits deliver essential services like food distribution and medical assistance to those in need throughout the world as well as mobilize volunteers for any cause. Our platform provides humanitarian organizations with new monetization channels like marketplaces, donation payments, and streamlined membership registration. Connectik allows staff to interact with a member community, send emergency alerts and offer value-added services.

  • Grow membership
  • Create new monetization channels
  • Boost engagement with the organization
  • Enhance brand awareness

Scientific Institutions

Connectik empowers scientific and academic organizations to facilitate active collaboration with their international partner networks. The platform enables communication in a highly secure environment, which is often critical for large-scale research projects. Connectik enables academic, science, and engineering organizations to quickly find consultants and experts in any field and work with them, in real time, without having to leave the platform.

  • Securely communicate and collaborate
  • Network globally
  • Update members on relevant researches
  • Find consultants and experts

Chambers of Commerce

Connectik helps chambers of commerce further business interest of their members and simplify communication between those who need to stay up-to-date on relevant projects. The platform streamlines coordinations of meetings as well as organization and promotion of networking events — so you can focus on building meaningful partnerships within your association. Our sophisticated discovery & matching engine provides business networks with a powerful tool for establishing lasting connections.

  • Help members communicate and collaborate
  • Simplify event and meeting planning
  • Discover new partnerships
  • Manage multiple resources and projects

Religious Organizations

Connectik enables spiritual institutions to communicate directly with their international congregation, enhancing the notion of a global religion with a local reach. Our platform helps reach out across the various levels of your organization around the world to increase loyalty and support among your congregations. A suite of tailored tools such as a news feed, marketplace, and payments boost engagement, help distribute religious merchandise and accept donations.

  • Generate new revenue via value-added features
  • Foster global communication among congregants
  • Encourage donations

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