Mobile Communications

Connectik designs, develops and integrates various products such as smartphones, tablets and sensors to enable its clients to connect and collaborate at the right time, inside and outside the business. By providing a Unified Mobile communications solution, Connectik allows its clients to seamlessly integrate and manage the complex web of communication, collaboration, and connectivity (e.g. voice, data, apps, devices) to fuel new revenue streams and opportunities.

Leveraging its expertise in deep-tech stacks and media services Connectik develops market specific tech solutions and features that are unique and natively integrated to its products. These solutions span from AI through smart chatbots, to analytics, big-data and machine learning applications across various domains. Connectik has forged a strategic partnership with phone manufacturing to manage the production, requirements and manufacturing process (from design to build), all the way to post-manufacturing operations (delivery to country, stock operations and after-sale support and maintenance). Connectik Mobile works directly with phone manufacturing companies to create the phones:

Product design and specifications - Managing the production requirements with the local partner and Connectik, and manufacturing process (from design to build)

Software integration - Delivery of the preinstalled operating system and ROM (Android based) for the phones (content described below).

Manufacturing and assembly - Managing the production process and manufacturing deliveries.

Delivery to distributors - Managing the operations with the local phone distributor (Post-manufacturing - delivery to country, stock operations and after-sale support and maintenance).