Mobile economy

Connectik provides an end to end Mobile economy solution which incorporates enterprise-grade applications as part of the value chain, connecting users with best in breed solutions, already vetted and integrated with leading service providers:

Connectik offers a global eCommerce platform that allows users to buy online from international and local brands. This solution was developed to satisfy the need for an out-of-the-box, fully-functional, and truly global sharing economy and resource management solution.

Connectik offers emergency response and insurance products and notifies emergency service providers in real time in case of an emergency to achieve minimal response time.

Connectik offers medical care to insurance and emergency response providers. The app allows users to Find Doctors, Clinics and Ambulance services while enabling medical professionals to provide more efficient services.

Connectik offers organisations and individuals the opportunity to create and publish grant applications, with only a few clicks and a digital verification process. Our platform contributes to financial inclusion by leveraging cutting-edge, sustainable financial tools.

Connectik offers a unique experience for fans and practitioners of sports and creates a community so you can Read the Latest Sport News, share and live your passion for the sport.Our app offers a comprehensive global index platform for real time sport and Talent brand value analytics.

Connectik offers an internet TV platform that broadcasts various live TV and on-demand content. Watch live and listen to Local & International Media.