Unified collaboration

Connectik provides a simple, secure and scalable platform that is taking collaboration to the next level - connecting organizations with their management, employees, partners, customers and community within an open ecosystem. Connectik enables an organization's employees, teams, customers and partners to connect, communicate, and transact using powerful digital capabilities to achieve higher levels of productivity, increased engagement, and to find new business opportunities around the world with the click of a button. The primary feature sets are:

Team collaboration - Connectik has built powerful collaboration functionalities into the platform that appeals to enterprise teams seeking to enhance their teamwork in an increasingly global, cross-functional, mobile and digital world. Connectik has specific functionalities to allow teams to accomplish more through our suite of productivity tools, to engage with colleagues in ways that are fun and critical to team morale, and to incorporate external experts when necessary to keep projects on track. Good teams can get better and the developing teams can improve faster with the thoughtful use of the capabilities within our platform.

Extended Network engagement - Connectik promises to extend the capabilities of any organisation by redrawing the boundaries of the enterprise to bring in additional knowledge and expertise from the "Extended Enterprise Network" of their communities, consumers, and authorised experts the platform can engage. Connectik has developed a set of proprietary methods to help users find and integrate the right expertise directly into their efforts, identify members with shared interests, or seek new customers, partners or suppliers.

Open eco system - The proliferation of social technologies and their integration into associated products make it more difficult to satisfy all needs with a single social platform in the workplace. Connectik's intuitive interface and ability to integrate with 3rd party apps makes it possible to extend the platforms functionality.