Through our strategic partnerships, Connectik provides integrated financial solutions to governments, enterprises and large humanitarian organisations to help them enable innovations and achieve their ICT vision. Today’s mobile-first consumers expect immediacy, convenience and security to be integral to banking and payments. End users also expect a consistent and safe omni-channel experience in banking and payments, making digital wallets key to streamlining the user experience and enabling reduced friction at the checkout.

Our financial solutions address existing market demand by building an end-to-end ecosystem for next-generation digital banking. In partnership with leading regional and international banks, we provide mobile-first financial platforms, with an array of features and capabilities, to hundreds of organisations and hundred of thousands of users across the world, including the unbanked populations of Africa and Latin America.

Our Solutions


TA scalable payment and money transfer platform that allows organisations to operate as a full-fledged payment gateway and accept payments for goods and services, donations and more as well as enables end users to send funds globally, in different currencies.


A mobile eWallet that enables users to pay for goods and services and transfer funds, with a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, bank accounts, eWallets, Apple or Android Pay, cash pickup locations and more, and a range of convenient local options for withdrawing money with low fees and full transparency.

Project Funding

The app enables organisations and individuals to create and publish SDG grant applications, with only a few clicks. We provide grantseekers with access to a global network of institutional and private donors who are specifically interested in funding nonprofit initiatives and projects focused on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


A powerful crowdfunding platform that helps organisations and individuals fund their initiatives and address the most pressing social or personal issues. Users can build and launch a variety of crowdfunding campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraising, donation websites, fundraising events and more.


A mobile lending platform and enterprise solution that allows users to borrow money quickly via the app and offers large-scale organisations, businesses and governments an advanced tool for diversifying their investment portfolio, streamlining loan workflows and minimising lending risk.


A fully-functional, global eCommerce solution for organisations and brands that want to quickly build a mobile-first marketplace worldwide. From products and services to utilities and transportation, our clients can easily integrate any type of organisational resource into a shared marketplace for optimisation and monetisation. The platform offers an advanced marketplace where users can purchase goods and services from verified suppliers as well as sell their own items, locally or globally.

Prepaid Cards

MobisCard is a physical and virtual prepaid card provider, authorised globally to conduct electronic money service activities for businesses, financial institutions, large-scale member organisations, governments, professional associations and nonprofits. We provide secure cashless payments for our partners and their employees, members or customers worldwide.