Artificial intelligence is completely transforming the world, especially as it relates to media, publishing and advertising. The top digital trend of the past years is chatbots and chatbot marketing.

As the number of online media outlets keeps on growing so does the scope of the application of bots across the web and mobile. We have been very keen on harnessing the potential of chatbots that are used to collect consumer data or track user behaviour and, in turn, help customise products and services to meet unique customer demands.

Our solution for the digital media industry is an advanced chatbot platform that provides users with a unique conversational news experience by offering news and articles aggregated from hundreds of websites, digital media and blogs from all over the web based on a user’s interests. The app offers a news feed that is tailored to the interests of a specific user, creating a personalised experience and providing a well-rounded guide to the world’s latest news. Users can scroll through their daily feeds or drill down on every news item and discover the subject by discussing it with the chatbot that answers questions and provides comprehensive details about relevant topics.