Irrespective of size, organisations are seeking innovation and value by enabling employees to connect and collaborate at the right time, inside and outside the business. Becoming a single provider of this user experience – by seamlessly integrating and managing the complex web of communication, collaboration and connectivity – fuels new revenue streams and opportunities for Connectik.

We offer a social enterprise platform with an array of communication and collaboration solutions as well as growth and monetisation tools for an organisation of any scale. The platform is fully customisable to fit any company's unique branding and service needs.

Our clients

Red Cross

The Red Cross app is strengthening the capacity of many National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to mobilise resources, generate more revenue, mobilise volunteers and members and provide quality services to vulnerable populations.


The ICDO member app allows users to monitor civil defence actions in their location, communicate with relevant parties in real time, create groups and collaborate on shared civil defence projects, access real-time risk index and live updates, participate in online civil defence training as well as benefit from member community and content management systems.

Chambers of Commerce

A digital platform and mobile application that empowers chambers of commerce, bringing them closer to their members and connecting members, employees, clients and service providers. The platform enables collaboration, communication, monetisation of services and helps facilitates new business opportunities, creates new partnership and growth opportunities, locally and globally.


The app enables collaboration and communication inside an association of any sale, monetisation of services, access to marketplace and events. Association members can renew their membership, get access to microloans and crowdfunding opportunities, review job listings within their networks and more.


A platform and mobile application that acts as the central technological solution to connects young individuals to employment opportunities in different organisations and nurture digital ambassadors in each country in order to help connect and digitally empower young Africans, allowing skills to be transferred to their local communities.