The increasing volume of on-field and off-field data generated by various brands and sports organisations has led to an increase in the need for an effective data analysis method. This need is driving the adoption of analytics and big data solutions-translation that have found huge potential in various industries, including sports and brands.

The increasing demand for real-time access to the insights enabled by these analytics and big data solutions-translation presents huge potential for the sports and brand analytics market.

For the sports industry, we built a global index platform for real-time athletes and teams’ talent value analysis. The app brings real-time news and all need-to-know data to life, with a user-friendly research and discovery tool, to empower all types of users, from industry professionals to social analysts. The app benefits from the expertise of the world’s most respected sporting performance data providers and supplies game-changing insights to stakeholders across the sports industry, from agents and sponsors to broadcasters and team owners to fantasy league players and fans.